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Chan Kai Yue – PhD (Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics), Northwestern University
Director, Education Services Division, Home Tuition Singapore

MOE teachers form the largest proportion of our clients. They want their own children to excel in their exams, and are impressed with our authentic desire to see students thrive academically. Our confident, enthusiastic, and skillful teaching methods have enabled students to assuredly gain 10 to 30 marks within 1 semester.

Home Tuition Singapore has the most impressive track record in PSLE tuition. We are Singapore's biggest private tutor agency

Our 15,700+ experienced & qualified tutors who specialize in only PSLE tuition, to fortify your ability to immediately score higher marks:

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#1 Awesome reviews and results

Tuition agent with largest database

Hire an effective 1 to 1 home tutor
Excellent reviews by parents & students

- Within 6 hours, we will send you a list of 4 to 10 profiles of qualified tutors - according to your budget
- MOE teachers, tutors with PhD/Master's/Bachelor's/university undergraduates in the subject they teach
- Capable, patient, competent & dependable tutors
- We are Singapore's largest tutor agency, and represent 51,000+ qualified tuition teachers
- One-to-one private home tuition
- In-person, or online tuition

eg: Secondary 2 English
Please let us know if you are the parent/guardian of the student or if you are a student looking for a tutor
If you prefer online lessons, please enter "nil" or "online lessons" thank you
Eg 2 hours each session, twice a week, Mondays anytime from 4pm to 7pm etc
Preferred hourly range (Eg: I would like to hire a tutor at $45/hr to $70/hr)


You can request for a tutor by submitting our online Request Form.

Upon receiving your request, we will Whatsapp you to discuss your child’s academic needs. We will spend the next few hours shortlisting several suitable tutors within our database and network for your consideration.

Our working hours are from 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

Tuition usually commences within one week after you have selected a tutor.


The paid trial lessons can be 1.5 hours or 2 hours per session.


You just need to pay for the tuition session(s) that have been conducted. There will not be any extra charges for the change.


You can request to see the hardcopies of certificates of your tutor to be presented to you during the first lesson.

The client acknowledges that it is his/her responsibility to verify the suitability, credentials and qualifications of any tutor with whom he/she engages.


Home Tuition Singapore is Singapore’s leading private tuition agency and our matching service is free for students/parents requesting for tutors. This is because our agency commission is charged to the tutor, not to you.

The client will pay to Home Tuition Singapore half of the fees payable in the first 4 calendar weeks. This amount is the commission to Home Tuition Singapore for matching the tutor to the client, and will be borne by the tutor.

Thereafter, the client will pay the tuition fees directly to the tutor.

If lessons are postponed during the first two weeks, the commission payable to Home Tuition Singapore will be based on the tuition session conducted the subsequent week(s).

The tutor shall collect all fees due to the tutor from the parent after the two weeks. Home Tuition Singapore will not assist in any recovery of fees.


The client is required to pay tuition fees only for the number of hours of lessons given by the tutor.

If you decide to stop the tuition after the first lesson, you are required to pay for only that lesson.

Please transfer the fee for that lesson to Home Tuition Singapore and we will transfer the tutor’s fee to him/her.

Tutors are not authorized at any time to collect the payment on Home Tuition Singapore’s behalf.

Tuition fees are to be paid every 4 weeks to the tutor, unless otherwise agreed between the client and the tutor.


We will provide our bank account information for you to make payment via internet banking or ATM transfer directly to Home Tuition Singapore’s bank account.

If the client fails to pay us, Home Tuition Singapore reserves the right to terminate the Assignment. This is in fairness to the tutor, who might need to give the available slot to another client if this Assignment does not materialize.

Once the payment is received, it will be acknowledged in the form of a receipt, issued to the payer (Parent/Requestor/Guardian) via Whatsapp, sms, email or other electronic communications medium. We will also provide details of the Tuition Assignment that can include: tutor’s name, hourly fee, date of commencement of tuition, subject(s), level, duration of each lesson and frequency, etc.


Once the client accepts the tutor’s candidacy, the client will not be able to change the schedule of the First Lesson.

Clients are allowed to make changes in the schedule after the First Lesson is over. However, Home Tuition Singapore hopes that this is not necessary as the tutor has already reserved that slot of time for you.

If you want to make changes in the schedule, please consult with your tutor to ask if he/she is able to change the schedule or not.

The tutor is to bring his/her identity document, academic transcripts/certificates and relevant documents for the First Lesson for verification purposes.

If the tutor is unable to conduct the First Lesson of a tuition assignment, the tutor must call Home Tuition Singapore at least 3 business days before the actual lesson. If the tutor fails to notify Home Tuition Singapore of his/her cancellation/postponement, an administrative charge of S$30 will be imposed on him/her.

If the tutor fails to contact Home Tuition Singapore with a valid reason to inform us about the tutor’s absence from the lesson, the tutor’s profile at Home Tuition Singapore may be blacklisted. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Tutors will conduct lessons at the student’s residence unless otherwise specified and agreed upon by both the client and the tutor.

If the client has a request for the tuition to be conducted at another location (eg a friend’s home), Home Tuition Singapore will ask if the tutor is able to accommodate the request.

Home Tuition Singapore and the tutor will not be responsible if the given location is occupied or not available for use for the lessons and the officially scheduled timings will still be counted as a paid lesson.


There is no obligation or contract to complete a fixed number of lessons, except for the First Lesson.

If at any time the client is not satisfied with the tutor, the client may request a replacement or termination. However, the client is responsible for paying the fee for the number of lessons given prior to termination.

Home Tuition Singapore will discuss separately with the client and the tutor regarding future tuition arrangements, and Home Tuition Singapore will change the tutor for the client. There will not be any extra charges for the change and the client needs to pay just for the tuition session(s) that have been conducted.

If the client cancels a tutoring assignment before the tutor completes the agreed number of lessons for the first 4 calendar weeks, Home Tuition Singapore assumes full claim to 50% of the tuition fees for the total number of lessons delivered in the month. For example, if the client had requested for 8 lessons per month, but the assignment was cancelled after the 5th session, Home Tuition Singapore will be paid pro-rated commission for the 5 lessons conducted.

Home Tuition Singapore will not be liable for any payment charges or issues arising from the cancellation of tuition assignments by the client.

If the client terminates the Assignment because the tutor is often late, skips lessons without valid explanations etc, the tutor will bear Home Tuition Singapore’s full commission fee.

If the tutor cancels the Assignment after confirming acceptance (that is, the client’s contact information and address have been given to the tutor), the tutor will need to compensate the commission which amounts to 50% of the fees payable (as stated in the confirmation Whatsapp, sms, email or other forms of electronic communications messages) for the first 4 weeks.

If the tutor wishes to cancel a Tuition Assignment before the end of the first 4 calendar weeks, the tutor is to inform both Home Tuition Singapore as well as the client at least 3 days before the next lesson date. Home Tuition Singapore will recover our legal share of the one-time commission of 50% of the fee for the first 4 calendar weeks from the tutor. Tutors are encouraged to have a long-term commitment as the clients have vested their trust in them.


The tutor will receive full or pro-rated payment for the number of lessons rendered, provided the tutor has complied with the Terms of this Agreement.

The client has the right to terminate the tuition if the tutor is unable to produce the documents certifying his/her credentials. In such cases, the tutor has to pay Home Tuition Singapore the amount of money equivalent to the tuition fee for the day, as commission.


Home Tuition Singapore is Singapore’s leading private tuition agency in Singapore. While we try to provide clients and tutors with the closest tutor match possible, we cannot guarantee a satisfying match. We hold no responsibility or liability for problems, unhappiness, or disputes that are a result of the tutor or client.

Home Tuition Singapore will not act as an arbitrator for any disagreements that arise between tutor and client.

However, Home Tuition Singapore may try to mediate whenever possible and reserves all rights to blacklist any party who is at fault. Home Tuition Singapore also reserves the right to terminate or deny services to any client or tutor (actual or potential) at any time.


Users shall indemnify Home Tuition Singapore, our subsidiaries, content contributors, sources, affiliates, officers, shareholders/directors, agents or other partners and employees, from all costs and expenses, claim, liabilities, (actual or consequential) of every kind and nature known and unknown, arising out of any use of the Website or Services.

Users acknowledge that Home Tuition Singapore is not liable for direct, indirect, consequential or any other form of loss or damage that may be suffered by any users through the use of the website including loss of data or information or any kind of financial or physical loss or damage.


References to “Our”, “Us”, “We” and “Home Tuition Singapore” shall be references to Home Tuition Singapore.

References to “You”, “Your” and “Users” shall mean references to user(s) visiting this web site, as the context requires, for any reason regardless of whether you have a registered account.

References to “Tutor” or “Tutors” shall be references to user(s) who have registered. He/She has explicitly stated his/her interest in receiving tutoring assignments.

References to “Client”, or “Clients” shall be references to user(s) who formally makes a request to engage Home Tuition Singapore’ services. He/She has explicitly stated his/her interest in hiring a tutor from us.

“First Month” refers to the first 4 weeks of active lessons, and is not based on the calendar month.

“Commission” refers to the amount Home Tuition Singapore levies for a successfully matched tuition assignment.


At the point of time which the contact details of the client or tutor(s) are given to either party, Home Tuition Singapore reserves all rights to collect the full commission. This is regardless of whether the tuition cancelled or postponed.


In view of the implementation of the recent Personal Data Protection Act, we require your explicit consent to contact you for tuition related matters. The client and the tutor explicitly agree to Home Tuition Singapore and our network contacting you via Whatsapp, phone call, sms and/or other electronic communications channels to conduct tuition matches. By registering with Home Tuition Singapore you have given us explicit consent to contact you through various electronic media, including Whatsapp, calling, and sms, etc.

Home Tuition Singapore is the leading private tuition agency in Singapore, and we have placed thousands of reliable tutors with students at all academic levels and subjects, across Singapore.

Our experience in knowing what works and what does not ensures that all you need to do is let us know your requirements and preference.

Tutor matching is free, and the referral fee is charged to the tutor.

Most of our tutors have been a part of our network for many years. Semester after semester, they guide our students through unexpectedly difficult exams, projects or assignments.

As Singapore’s leading private tuition agency, we are able to immediately tap on our expertise and network to recommend reliable and experienced professional tutors to you.

Tuition can start within this week.

Our expert tutors can help your child organize their time, prioritize the different assignments and sequence of knowledge, and develop critical thinking and time management skills.

Learn the correct study skills and academic content from Singapore’s leading private tuition agency.

While learning the content is very important to scoring higher grades, the attitude of tutors and their students plays a major role.

As Singapore’s leading private tuition agency, we are particularly careful about compatibility, because your child has no time to waste when you want to prepare him or her for better academic performance.

Home Tuition Singapore has a team of qualified tutors who specialize in teaching university and polytechnic level modules, for undergraduate students who need private tuition and are studying at NUS, NTU, SMU and universities with a presence in Singapore.

We are able to recommend the ideal tutor to you because the Home Tuition Singapores in Singapore have joined our team.

Home Tuition Singapore is Singapore’s largest private tuition agency.

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We are Singapore's most admired tutor agency, according to parents, MOE teachers and students.
Home Tuition Singapore has helped students secure better grades since 2012.

Our private tuition teachers deliver superior results. Every time.

Choose the correct tutor for your grade targets.

Exceptional PSLE tuition teachers can close the gap between where your child is and where they want to be.

Exam paper questions these days are usually set quite differently from the syllabus, so memorizing the textbook content is never enough if you want to pass, or get a crucial A.

  1. Clarify all exam questions and confusing textbook content 
  2. Learn at your own pace 
  3. 1-to-1 meticulous attention by experienced private tutors 
  4. Customised notes and materials 
  5. Valuable exam strategies and tips 
  6. Score better for exams
  7. Submit your homework on time 
  8. Less stress, more fun 
  9. Understand high-priority concepts, clearly 
  10. Revise, practice, remember, develop memory skills
psle tuition

PSLE Tuition Singapore

All of our PSLE tuition teachers have a wealth of experience teaching PSLE subjects.

We have recruited Singapore's highest-rated PSLE tuition teachers. They have the necessary background in PSLE-related content.

They are carefully vetted and shortlisted for your assignment because of their track record to make it possible for their students gain 10 to 30 marks within 1 semester, and on the basis of their responsible, positive, and sincere attitudes.

These home tutors graduated from/are undergraduates from prestigious universities, with at least a Bachelor's/Master's or PhD degree in the subject you are seeking tuition in.

Being graduates from top universities, our PSLE tuition teachers are natural high-achievers who are seeking for sophistication in the materials they have selected for their students, and also for perfection in terms of lesson delivery.

They are proud when they have been able to mentor students whose grades steadily improve.

Our exceptional PSLE tuition teachers' unwavering commitment to ensuring students experience significant grade jumps is the reason why over 60% of our clients are from referrals.

Challenges faced by PSLE students in Singapore

psle tuition

>  Tremendous pressure to do well at the PSLE exams. Feeling overwhelmed, anxious and fearful of the consequences.
>  Limited attention span and focus during Primary 6 lessons.
>  Poor understanding of content and concepts taught during lessons in school.
>  Unable to catch up with the pace of Primary 6 lessons when the teacher is teaching in school, or during group tuition classes.
>  Struggles in memorising a large amount of content and disparate concepts for P6 subjects.
>  Has problems in expressing thoughts well when answering questions.
>  Difficulty in using the correct methods to do problem sums and calculations.
>  Inability to answer questions, cannot apply the knowledge learnt, and lacks skills to write well to score for Primary 6 school tests and exams.
>  Fear of asking questions during Primary School classes due to fear of being laughed at by classmates.
>  Losing valuable marks because of careless mistakes made during Primary School school examinations.
>  Unable to complete examination paper due to poor time management.

psle tuition
psle tuition
psle tuition

What to expect from Home Tuition Singapore's professional PSLE tuition teachers

Excellent home tutors with 2 to 30+ years of successful teaching experience.
You can quickly achieve achieve higher marks.

Choose your perfect private tutor from our large database of over 15,700 PSLE tuition teachers.
Experienced, qualified, and patient.

PSLE tuition teachers who are very familiar with the most up-to-date exam requirements. Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the MOE syllabus.

Equip yourself with proven techniques for gaining more marks.

Enthusiastic and hardworking PSLE tuition teachers who motivate and support you to achieve your grade goals continually and quickly.

Real-life usage of knowledge from your textbooks and beyond, to assist you in writing precise answers to surprisingly difficult questions.

During one-to-one PSLE tuition, learn and use simple and natural methods for remembering large amounts of information.

Sharpen your analytical skills. Learn tried-and-proven methods for thinking deeply. Produce succinct, relevant and accurate responses.

1-to-1 PSLE tuition lessons = attentive feedback and guidance from your dedicated PSLE tutor.

Home tuition lessons that are high-energy and interesting. This inspires student to learn "bland" (boring?) theories.

Start tuition, and get clear concept explanations during PSLE tuition. Each chapter has difficult content to master, and we will teach you how to strategically be proficient in topics you are now dreading. No more homework annoyances.

Learn from expert PSLE tuition teachers how to avoid common mistakes, plan your pace so that you have enough time to answer all exam questions, and how to answer questions that you did not earlier prepare adequately for.

Acquire appropriate methods to respond to structured and application questions like a pro. Gain more marks in a shorter time.

Home Tuition Singapore - The Number 1 PSLE Tuition Agent in Singapore

Start achieving higher marks today. Specialist PSLE tuition teachers will show you how to build a robust, unshakable foundation

  • Home Tuition Singapore has over 15,700 PSLE tuition teachers who love teaching PSLE tuition. 
  • MOE teachers form the largest proportion of our clients. They want their own children to excel in their PSLE exams, and are impressed with our authentic desire to see students thrive  academically. Our  confident, enthusiastic, and skillful teaching methods have enabled students to assuredly gain 10 to 30 marks within 1 semester.
  • As Singapore’s biggest team of effective PSLE tuition teachers, our tutoring team includes MOE teachers, as well as experienced university undergraduate and graduates (Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD) who are majoring in the subject that you want private tuition in.
  • We are a responsible home tuition agency. Each private tutor whose profile we will show you has an impressive track record of improving  students’ grades.
  • They can share with you helpful strategies and approaches that made it possible for their students to make remarkable breakthroughs in their preparation for their PSLE exams.
  • You will be able to score higher grades right away.
  • The experienced and friendly tutor agent from Home Tuition Singapore will ensure that you will receive profiles of private tutors who must have relevant degrees (Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD) in the subjects they teach.
  • Our PSLE tuition teachers have sterling academic credentials, and are therefore able to guide you with correct content, exam skills, time management techniques, difficult exam questions and higher order thinking acumen.
  • You will be able to understand content from every difficult chapter, because we will teach you how to accurately apply concepts, give concise and well-organized arguments, and correctly interpret tricky questions.
  • PSLE tutors from Home Tuition Singapore are able to conduct in-person (face-to-face) or online tuition.
  • Most importantly, each PSLE tuition teacher from our tutor agency must have experience in assisting students in achieving higher grades at school and national exams.
  • All you have to do is choose the date and time for PSLE tuition – and you can start private tuition as quickly as tomorrow.
  • The MOE modifies the curriculum whenever industry trends or economic requirements change. This is to ensure that whatever you learn in school will be relevant to the latest business/commercial/scientific needs.
  • These modifications impact the PSLE content/syllabus and – more significantly – the test questions, response requirements, and how answers are scored/graded.
  • How you are able to answer the exam questions will determine if you are able to get an AL1/AL2 or AL4/AL5 for your school exams, or PSLE exams.
  • It is therefore important that your PSLE tuition teacher is knowledgeable about the most current syllabus changes, and that their lessons do not conflict with those being offered at your child’s school.
  • Home Tuition Singapore is a dependable private tutor agency. Our private tuition agent will list and describe the relevant teaching experience of our home tutors when making recommendations of carefully shortlisted PSLE tuition teachers so that you can be confident in their abilities to support students at your level in making academic progress and getting better grades.
  • Teachers assign homework so that their pupils can put what they have learned in class into practice. 
  • In order to be able to internalise the material, it is crucial that you do your homework on time.
  • When you submit your homework, your teacher will check to see if you were successful in understanding the material that was covered in class.
  • Knowing this is extremely helpful when you are reviewing material for national examinations as well as school exams.
  • Revision is useless if you keep studying content that are incorrect but which you believe to be correct.
  • Giving your school teacher any incorrect answers won’t help you get better grades.
  • PSLE tuition teachers from Home Tuition Singapore are skilled and meticulous.
  • They know just what knowledge a student needs in order to do well in each of the chapters that you must master in order to perform well on your exams.
  • Our PSLE tutors can also design individualised learning plans for their pupils, enabling them to comprehend, assimilate, and retain new information more quickly and effectively.
  • The syllabus, content and examination practices differ for each level of education.
  • Many PSLE students are frustrated with not being able to instinctively understand the content that is taught by their school teachers.
  • Our private tutors are familiar with the latest MOE syllabus, and they have taught students at your academic level.
  • Home Tuition Singapore accepts private tutor applications only when the private tuition teacher has a university degree (or is in the process of obtaining a degree) in the subject that they teach.
  • This is to ensure that the private tutor has the necessary knowledge and expertise to adequately teach the correct content as well as to help the student arrive at error-free answers when responding to important exam questions.
  • When providing recommendations of carefully-shortlisted PSLE tuition teachers, Home Tuition Singapore will describe the relevant teaching experience of our home tutors, to assure you of their abilities to help students at your level to progress academically, and achieve higher grades.
  • You will learn how to effectively memorise complication theories and jargon, use the right formulas and rules, and give clear and sequential workings to arrive at the most appropriate answers.
  • Your PSLE tuition teacher will teach you the use of specific terminology to answer sophisticated exam questions.
  • It is important that the PSLE tuition teacher puts in the best effort when guiding and teaching you. A dedicated private tutor from Home Tuition Singapore will ask you pertinent questions in order to know which areas you are struggling with.  
  • These tutors have the credibility and ability to advise you on the best ways to achieve better grades, whether you are in lower or upper primary school. 
  • When recommending PSLE tuition teachers, Home Tuition Singapore will facilitate communication between you and the private tutor to ensure that both parties have a common understanding of expectations before confirming the private tuition arrangements.
  • It is often the best for you to continue with one good private tutor if the PSLE tuition teacher is capable of teaching you and has already built a connection with you.
  • This will ensure that you can benefit the most from his/her lessons since the private tutor will be more familiar with your weaknesses and strengths, and can work on them throughout the subsequent academic levels.
  • During PSLE tuition, you will practice answering techniques to handle all types of unconventional and unexpected questions.
  • Wherever necessary, you will work on case study analysis techniques, to further enhance your understanding of your PSLE content.
  • Importantly, you will learn how to meticulously double check your answers and calculation.
  • You will be able to allocate sufficient buffers to completely answer all exam questions during timed sessions designed to resemble actual exam situations.

Strong endorsements. Good feedback from parents

Hire effective private tutors

More exposure and practice now = less guesswork and panic during exams

My colleagues thought I was overdoing it when I hired 3 tutors who each have Master's degrees in English, Biochemical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. I want to be sure that anyone tutoring Sharon is teaching her the correct content, study skills and answering techniques. Sharon scored AL1 for all these subjects and was accepted into the Integrated Programme of the secondary school that her cousins are attending. I am proud of her hard work. These 3 tutors are still teaching Sharon, who is now in IP Year3
Sharon Chan
Parent of CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School Integrated Programme student
The syllabus is quite difficult, and I myself cannot understand how to do the Maths workings because Maths was different when my wife and I were in primary school. If the workings are not clearly stated, then Abdul will lose marks. Ms Jaina is very good at teaching P6 Maths, and spotted his weaknesses immediately. Ms Jaina is always punctual and very professional. We like her a lot.
Arif Shehabuddin
Parent of Montfort Junior School student
I was doing OK in Primary 4. Chinese was getting more difficult in Primary 5, and my mum hired Madam Cheong who was an MOE teacher. Madam Cheong is friendly and tells many jokes. She can be very strict when she wants to make sure that I complete homework. I am in G3 for all my subjects at a good school now. Chinese was my weakest subject, but I am getting better at writing and speaking it.
Keven Tiong
Maris Stella High School
Yong Seng is very hardworking, but there is a lot of content in the text books that he cannot understand. His classmates read a lot when they are at home, and they are able to answer the difficult questions that the teacher sets for homework, the tests and exams. Mr Tan has over 10 years of good experience teaching graduating classes of PSLE students, so Yong Seng's grades improved after about 4 months.
Vivian Wong
Parent of Tao Nan School student

The most effective private tuition in Singapore

Our clients include MOE school principals and teachers.

And, we have the biggest tutor database of qualified PSLE tuition teachers in Singapore.

For parents seeking tutors with a PhD or Master's from the world's most prominent universities, our team of highly qualified post-graduate tuition teachers is the largest in the tuition industry.

All of our tuition coordinators have at least a Bachelor's from NUS, NTU or SMU.

We are able to quickly identify the home tutors who can successfully guide you to gain between 10 to 30 marks. Fast.

psle tuition11
psle tuition

Reasonable private tutor rates that suit all budgets. Recommended by parents and MOE teachers.

Our home tutor rates are updated in real-time and are based on what good private tutors in Singapore charge.
These market rates are based on 37,000+ monthly tutoring assignment applications from our 51,000+ active tutors.

Excellent home tutors with 2 to 30+ years of successful teaching experience.
You can quickly score higher marks.

You will learn impactful exam skills and answering techniques. Starting this month, you can prevent volatile swings (or declines) in grades.

Tutor hourly rates



Master's/PhD/MOE teachers

Primary School

$25 - $45

$35 - $50

$50 - $70

Secondary School

$30 - $50

$40 - $65

$60 - $90

Junior College

$50 - $60

$60 - $90

$90 - $120


$50 - $60

$60 - $90

$100 - $120

The importance of getting trustworthy PSLE tuition

Mastery of PSLE subjects is not something that can be addressed just before an examination. It needs to be acquired over time, with consistent exposure and structured practice

  • Are you and your child satisfied with the results of the recent school assessment?
  • With the removal of mid-year exams, students are not able to identify their weak spots until much later in the year. All students – whether or not they are able to do well under exam conditions – will require appropriate assistance to prepare themselves for the demands of the year-end exams 
  • Parents (and MOE teachers) know that the new syllabus is more advanced and demanding than before. It is possible to easily lose 10 to 20 marks if specific keywords are not used by the student when answering exam questions 
  • Singapore has an ultra competitive culture, and Singaporeans compete with each other for cars, housing, and even hawker centre tables
  • Education in Singapore can be overwhelming and stressful, whether you are striving to maintain an A grade, or want to prevent the risk of having weaker grades
  • Just as hiring the right private tutor can lead you to confidently achieve your grade objectives, engaging the wrong private tutor can bring much misery when the student receives worse than expected grades at the school or national exams
  • We understand that each student has unique goals and aspiration for their future
  • It is therefore vital that we work with them to prevent erratic swings in their grades.
  • Accomplished PSLE tuition teachers from Home Tuition Singapore show students how to handle new components and deepen the knowledge they have acquired earlier in the year
  • You will learn how to handle non-routine or unorthodox problems, as well as how to craft correct, accurate and complete answers which incorporate all the critical elements that picky PSLE markers look out for
  • During each PSLE tuition session, you will acquire the know-how to study smart and score big for examinations
  • PSLE tuition by Home Tuition Singapore covers all the key skills required for each of your exam papers, with regular drills and efficient step-by-step instructions to ensure concrete progress
  • The weight of expectations can sometimes be overwhelming. The difference between what you hope for and the reality of your performance can lead to disheartening moments
  • Without the correct techniques and a firm foundation, the unthinkable might happen
  • Based on our PSLE tuition track record of the past ten years, most students improve by up to 2 to 3 grades for their junior college assessments
  • That sense of accomplishment and accompanying relief makes it all worthwhile
  • Let our highly qualified and experienced PSLE tuition teachers guide you to success
  • The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is the first national exam that your child will have to take. It is a high-stakes exam, because each student knows that instead of competing with classmates or schoolmates, the student is now competing with students from all over Singapore, Having an experienced and supportive PSLE tuition teacher to assist them in this journey will surely reduce their stress levels and increase their confidence in performing well for PSLE.

  • To enter a good Secondary School with a long history of cultivating high-performance students with good values and morals, P6 students will need to perform well for their PSLE. A skilled PSLE tutor can help students to better grasp concepts and content in their PSLE subjects. Engage the best PSLE tuition teacher, because having expert guidance will definitely help P6 students to ace their PSLE.

  • Building a strong foundation and understanding of the concepts in the PSLE subjects will surely help students understand the more complicated concepts at advanced levels. Singapore’s syllabus and curriculum at each primary school, secondary school, and junior college level is based on building blocks that are cross-referenced. It will certainly be best for students to strengthen their foundation and mastery of the key skills and content as early as possible. 

  • Good PSLE tuition teachers are experienced and proficient at helping students to discover their learning styles, and strengths and weaknesses for each subject. This helps students to gain awareness of their strengths and flaws, and to learn how they can best work around these traits to study effectively.

The Dependable Tutor Agency With Solid Results

Choose from Singapore's most outstanding private tuition teachers

We help you to identify the root cause of your issues, whether it is inadequacies in content, inability to tackle the question fully, or always not using the right words for the answers.

Contact us today, because the MOE syllabus is taught at a rapid pace.
The longer you hesitate to begin tuition, the more likely you risk losing out on getting an important A grade.

Home Tuition Singapore is the most popular & respected tutor agency in Singapore