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  • GCE A Levels Economics Tuition
  • Junior College History Tuition
  • Junior College Geography Tuition
  • Junior College Economics Tuition
  • Integrated Programme Social Studies Tuition
  • Integrated Programme Geography Tuition
  • Integrated Programme History Tuition
  • Integrated Programme Economics Tuition

Exam paper questions these days are usually set quite differently from the syllabus, so memorizing what your textbooks teach you is never enough if you want to pass or get an A

Successful Tuition Agency | Humanities IB Tuition Singapore | Humanities JC Tuition | O Level Singapore Home Tuition | Best Tutor In Singapore

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#1 Best Reviews And Results

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Successful Tuition Agency | Humanities IB Tuition Singapore | Humanities JC Tuition | O Level Singapore Home Tuition | Best Tutor In Singapore

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Successful Tuition Agency | Humanities IB Tuition Singapore | Humanities JC Tuition | O Level Singapore Home Tuition | Best Tutor In Singapore

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Choose Your Perfect Tutor From Our Large Database Of Over 51,000 Qualified Private Tuition Teachers. 

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Tuition Teachers Who Are Very Familiar With The Most Up-To-Date MOE Syllabus And Exam Requirements.

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Equip Yourself With Proven Techniques For Gaining Higher Marks And Better Understanding Through Beneficial Home Tuition.

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Enthusiastic And Hardworking Tutors Who Motivate And Support You To Achieve Your Grade Goals Continually And Quickly.

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Real-Life Usage Of Knowledge From Your Textbooks And Beyond, To Assist You In Writing Refined Answers To Surprisingly Difficult Questions.

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During 1 To 1 Tuition, Learn And Use Simple And Natural Methods For Remembering Large Amounts Of Information. 

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Sharpen Your Analytical Skills. Learn Tried-And-True Methods For Thinking Deeply And Producing Succinct, Relevant And Accurate Responses.

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1 to 1 Home Tuition Lessons = Attentive Feedback And Guidance From Your Committed Tutor.

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Private Tuition Lessons That Are High-Energy And Interesting. This Inspires Students To Learn “Bland” Theories.

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Get Clear Concept Explanations For Every Subject. Each Chapter Has Difficult Content To Master, And We Will Teach You How To  Strategically Be Proficient In Topics You Are Now Dreading. No More Homework Annoyances. 

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Learn From Expert Tuition Teachers How To Avoid Common Mistakes, Plan Your Time So That You Have Enough Time To Answer All Exam Questions, And How To Answer Questions That You Did Not Earlier Prepare Adequately For.

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Acquire Good Methods To Respond To Structured And Application Questions Like A Pro. Get More Marks In A Shorter Time.

Successful Tuition Agency | Humanities IB Tuition Singapore | Humanities JC Tuition | O Level Singapore Home Tuition | Best Tutor In Singapore

Strong Endorsements. Good Feedback From Parents & Students

Hire Effective Private Tutors

I miss the days when we could just memorize the content and then be able to answer the exam questions. These days, we need to memorize the content and know how to apply the content. So a lot also depends on our writing skills, analytical skills and to a great extent, chance/luck. Mr Cheong taught me step by step how my analytical skills can improve. Now my SS grades are much better and I feel better too.
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Goh Sok Zhen
C to B
Among all my subjects, history is the most difficult. I should have chosen geog, but it is too late now. Ms Maithilli is very patient. She taught me memory skills that are very helpful whenever my mind goes blank from having to remember so much from the textbooks.
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Shahira Caffoor
B to A
I have been doing well for my science subjects. English and Literature are challenges because they require different types of thinking skills. Mr Seow used to teach at an MOE school and he taught me how to cope whenever I had problems with the questions.
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Rhoda Choy
B to A
SS and Geog are quite difficult for me. I had been spending so much time trying to remember all the information and was feeling very discouraged because I need to have time to study my other subjects also. My mum figured that having a tutor to guide me would be helpful. Ms Ho had been teaching for almost 20 years, so she is very familiar with the syllabus and how to answer the exam questions.
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Verene Lim
C to B

Successful Tuition Agency | Humanities IB Tuition Singapore | Humanities JC Tuition | O Level Singapore Home Tuition | Best Tutor In Singapore

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Private Tutor Rates That Suit All Budgets

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Our home tuition rates are updated in real time and are based on what good home teachers in Singapore charge.
These market rates are based on our pool of 51,000+ active home tutors' 37,000+ monthly tuition assignment applications.

Proven Home Tutors With 2 to 30+ Years of Successful Teaching Experience. You Can Quickly Score Higher Marks.

You will learn powerful exam skills and answering techniques. Avoid careless mistakes

Tutor Hourly Rates



Master's/PhD/MOE Teachers

Primary School

$25 - $35

$35 - $45

$50 - $70

Secondary School

$30 - $40

$40 - $55

$60 - $90

Junior College

$40 - $50

$60 - $80

$90 - $120


$40 - $60

$60 - 90

$100 - $120

Permanent Increase In Marks/Grades/Understanding through home tuition

Important Skills Taught By Private Tuition Teachers - Dependable Home Tuition Agent

Understand Content From Every Difficult Chapter
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Accurate Application Of Concepts
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Clear And Sequential Workings To Arrive At The Most Appropriate Answers
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Correct Interpretation Of Tricky Questions
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Effectively Memorise Theories & Terminology
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Precise Use Of Terminology To Answer Exam Questions
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Using The Right Formulas & Laws
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Concise & Well-Organized Arguments
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Answering Tactics To Handle All Types Of Unconventional & Unexpected Questions
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Case Study Analysis Techniques
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Meticulous Double Checking Your Answers & Calculations. Efficient Time Management
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No More Careless Mistakes
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Selecting The Best Private Tuition Teacher

Just when you have finished preparing for one quiz, there is another coming up in 2 weeks’ time. Every day, new homework assignments and projects are added to a never-ending to-do list. 

You can keep up, but just barely. This is stressful, especially when you dread the day when you cannot finish your homework in time because you don’t have the answers to the questions that your teachers asked.

Worse, your classmates – who are in your class because you had previously been achieving similar grades to theirs – are able to get the answers right. Very discouraging.

For many students, keeping up with the fast lesson pace in school is one of the struggles that they face in school. Often, they are forced to move on to the next topic before they can fully understand what has just been taught. With effective home tuition in Singapore, the tutor can run through the content and correct any errors that the students have. 

Good home tuition teachers from Singapore’s dependable home tuition agent will give you 1 to 1 attention, so that you can ask them how to solve those difficult homework and exam problems. Competent home tuition teachers are familiar with the common misconceptions and mistakes made by students, and can tell you what to avoid.

They already have a Bachelor’s (or are about to get one. Or they might have a Master’s or PhD in the subject that they are teaching you. 

As they are experienced in teaching students in your academic level, they can easily and clearly explain to you what you need to know and do in order to gain much higher marks.

Your home tutors from Singapore’s Dependable Home Tuition Agent would also have materials to share with you – whether they are exam or homework assignments from other schools, or recommendations to buy workbooks that are most suitable for you to practice on, in order to gain mastery of the tricky concepts.

With effective home tuition, you can get instant clarification in concepts that are difficult to understand. 

You can also receive customised lesson plans tailored to suit your unique learning style and understanding of the different topics in the syllabus, so that you may better absorb the content and understand the concepts.

Your private tuition teachers from Singapore’s dependable home tuition agent are very familiar with the latest MOE syllabus and newest exam requirements. They have been teaching for between 2 to over 30 years and can identify the areas that you should focus on, according to your grade targets and pace of learning.

Achieve a good grasp of all your content, revise intensively, and learn important exam skills and answering techniques.

MOE subjects can include content that is challenging for many students. Our 1-to-2 home tuition teachers from Singapore’s dependable home tuition agent are experienced in teaching students at your academic level. They are familiar with the common misconceptions and mistakes made by students.

Double-checking your answers is useful only if you know how to look out for the answers that the MOE really wants you to give.

Learn how to accurately analyze the questions, so that you can arrive at the answers that give you maximum marks.

Professional tutors from Singapore’s dependable home tuition agent are able to show you how concepts are applied when answering difficult exam questions.

You lost interest and became frustrated only because much of the syllabus did not make sense. 

Once there is clarity and you are able to perform the simple and then the advanced tasks, your sense of achievement will lead you to better grades and even stronger mastery of English, Maths, Chinese, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Principles of Accounting, Social Studies, General Paper, Economics, Geography, History, Literature, Mother Tongue, Malay, and Tamil.

Your home tuition teacher from Singapore’s dependable home tuition agent will work on your weak areas, and can show you a wide range of question types that you need to be familiar with, in order to score maximum marks. Your private tutor will show you methods to think on your feet so that you can answer a variety of questions based on the content and knowledge you currently know about the subject. Through effective tuition, you can be better prepared for both standard and unconventional questions that appear in the examinations.

With such simulations and intensive revision of the content in the syllabus, students can be sure to perform well in their exams.


Many students fear speaking up during lessons and asking questions due to their fear of being laughed at in class. 

1 to 1 home tuition teachers from Singapore’s dependable home tuition agent will help students to have a better understanding of their lessons in school. 

This gives them the confidence of answering questions when faced with unexpectedly challenging problems during school exams and the exams.

Qualified home tutors from Singapore’s dependable home tuition agent are experienced and have thorough understanding of the common problems faced by students. 

They will be able to dissect difficult content into simpler concepts, and customize learning materials to improve students’ understanding of these topics. 

Increase your ability to give the RIGHT answers that your school exams and national exams require of you. 

Hire the most reliable and professional tutors, to help you succeed.

Successful Tuition Agency | Humanities IB Tuition Singapore | Humanities JC Tuition | O Level Singapore Home Tuition | Best Tutor In Singapore

We Help You Intensively Prepare For Demanding And Difficult Exam Questions

51,000+ experienced tutors with successful track records of improving grades. MOE teachers, PhD/Master's/Post-Doctoral tutors, graduated/undergraduate responsible tutors